Whats new with iOS 9.1?

So after all the iOS 9.0, 9.0.1, and 9.0.2 glitches, many are weary of the 9.1 update, but it seems Apple has finally moved in a better direction!

A number of the updates in iOS 9 are iPad Pro Related and 3D Touch Improvements, but overall, it is a patch and repair iOS with added features to say “were sorry” in a way I guess.

  1. Emoji Update! Oh So Important Emoji Update everyone was awaiting.  New icons (including the finger) are in the new update.  So everyone who just joined the developer program a week ago for the icon only to have glitches in the beta version, well, now everyone can have it. *Smiley Face, Wink Wink, Hand Claps * #Emojisrock

  2. Performance Boost (yes they all say that) but I do think it is a bit faster.  I just updated this morning.  Less lag, which is most important, and quicker app loading.  Why have the most efficient hardware configuration in a pocketable device on the nation’s fastest LTE network and still wait 5 seconds for Chrome or Safari to open PLUS wait another 15 seconds for a simple Yahoo page to load?  What, was iOS 9 reminding us of our 3G days?

  3. iOS 9.1 Live Photo Fix.  What is that?  Well, it’s awesome of course, but I will just leave a link HERE for you to learn more.  But it’s mainly for the lucky 6S and 6S+ users for the most part.  But iOS 9.1 does add the feature to older devices so you can still receive the Live Photos and view them, so they didn’t leave anyone out.

  4. Wallpapers… Cause of course everyone still uses stock OS wallpapers…??? But yeah, if you don’t have Kids, Pets, Projects, Vaca Photos, or ANYTHING else you’d rather have as a wallpaper, iOS 9.1 brings you more built in wallpapers to take up storage space on your device…. as an upgrade.  #unneccesaryithink #mayhelpsome #backtoimportantthings #ios9.1

  5. Show or Hide Contact Photos in Messages.  Now, I sorta like the photo’s next to the contacts in messages, cause personally using an Android and an iPhone Daily, I got used to the photos next to the contacts on the GS6 Edge and it always made my iPhone Messages app seem like it was missing something.  But for those who don’t have photo’s to represent all your contacts (like you do ringtones) you can now turn the feature off by going to Settings –> Messages –> Show Contact Photos.

  6. For the Blokes in UK and AU… you get the *almost useless* News App which you can’t delete if you wanted to but you may enjoy if you don’t already gather the news from your local sources, Facebook, and Yahoo/Google. #morebloatwareappsbyapple #letusdeletethem #mayhelpsome

  7. For iPad Pro Users, You get support for the Apple Pencil.  Even though, technically there are no Pro Users until November.  When you do get your iPad Pro, you can get right on the Apple Pencil too!

  8. Apple TV SetUp using iOS 9.1, so if you want, you can use your phone to set up the new Apple TV (which is supposed to be epic also) verses other typical methods, as long as your on iOS 9.1.

  9. JAILBREAK PATCH (woomp woomp woomp).  So of course, as always, if you have a jailbreak right now, wish to keep it, stay away from the newest update.  Keep your lag, lack of new features, so that you can pirate games and music and make your phone slower with unverified 3rd party apps.  But if you’d rather your iPhone work more efficiently, time to ditch the current jailbreak and wait for a 9.1 JB, which I am sure is in the works as I write this now. #jailbreakiPhone #jailbreakisoverrated

  10. More iPad Pro Features.  So seeing as we don’t have one to know for sure, developers are saying iOS 9.1 adds even more features to the Pro.  Guess we will see.

  11. Most Importantly, Bug Fixes.  OK, so iOS 9.0, 9.0.1, and 9.0.2 were problematic.  9.0 caused bricking, 9.0.1 fixed that but added lag and freezing, and 9.0.2 still had lag but less freezing, but you could fix most the lag (not all) by manually uninstalling all apps and reinstalling them (such a hassle).  But now that is over!  iOS 9.1 claims these fixes, and time will tell, but I am optimistic!

  • Improved stability including CarPlay, Music, Photos, Safari, and Search
  • Improved Multitasking
  • Fixes Calendar issues
  • Fixes Game Center Loading Issues
  • Fixes an issue that zoomed the content on certain apps
  • Resolves the issue with POP mail accounts that caused incorrect unread mail count
  • Fixes and issue that caused some messages to not appear in Mail search Results
  • Resolves the Grey Bar issue in the body of a message from the audio messaging feature
  • Resolved some carrier activation issues
  • Fixed and issue with updating apps in the app store

And for Sprint Customers (cause we already know your service is hard enough on you) Apple added Wifi calling built in so you can use your much more reliable wifi to make calls using your number.  Funny how no other carrier felt the need to request that, when you need Apple to throw in a special feature to help your carrier out, basically your not the best carrier.  #anythingisbetterthansprintpcs #switchfromsprinttotelegraphforfasterspeeds #sprintforcesappletomakewificalling