What Causes Power Problems

Not powering on

So Your Likely Here Because Your Device Wont Power on Reliably (Or Not At All)

And Fortunately there is no better page to land on because Elite Is The Most Qualified in the CenTex Area for these sort of problems!

So What Causes Power Problems?

Possible Issues Part One

Blacked Out Screen with No Sign Of Life, No lights or Sounds of Any kind?

If your Screen is completely out, no light or image, and you have no signs of life in the form of notification sounds or charging lights, then there could be a few causes.

  • One could be a bad charging port that is accepting no current at all, and your phone’s battery has dropped below operating voltage.  Quick way we test that in house is with a current meter in line with one of our high quality charging circuits.  If we get no current, then we know your port is done or obstructed.  Water damage, using the device while on charger, and lint are among the wide variety of things that cause ports to fail, and we see them frequently fail prematurely with the ZTE devices, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab 3, Lighting Cable Apple devices, and Cheaper tablets (Like the RCA, Digiland, etc.).
  • Another Could be an internal short within the device.  Usually we see this with water damage, improperly done screen repairs, bad batteries, or jammed buttons.  Typically if you’ve taken your iPhone to a cheaper repair shop (or even the regular or high priced big box repair shops) where they use cheap copy parts and hourly undertrained techs, you will likely experience a situation where they damage a flex and it causes no power or looping.  They will naturally claim it was  preexisting issue and take your money.  At Elite we are a level 3 shop with way better knowledge and experience.  Only time you can believe theres no fix, is if we say so.
  • Last thing to check yourself is software related.  A lot of times we go on saying ‘I don’t like updates, so I’m not gonna’, but reality is, the electronics update, the servers update, the apps update on the back end, and by you NOT updating your OS and the apps on the front end, your are creating incompatibilities that can freeze the device.  At which point a soft reset (hard reboot using buttons) can bring it back on.  But until you update, it’ll keep locking up every time it goes to try and do something for you and hit a brick wall because the server file your OS is reaching for isn’t there, or the app that your trying to use is so far outdated.  So Back Up REGULARLY, Update when theres one available (not over wifi, but through your PC/Mac if you can) , and keep up, trust me, life’s easier that way.

Now If all these issues have been touched and you still have no power, then it’s likely a board related issue, which may be caused from using cheap chargers.  In fact, using low quality chargers on the newer devices can cause surging and spikes which damages the power circuit on the board, many times making it unrepairable.  You don’t have to buy a $30 OEM sync cable, in fact most of the time those don’t last, but don’t buy the $2 ebay cables either unless you want that $7 you save to cost you a device.

Possible Power Issues Part 2

Blacked Out Screen But Hearing Charging or Notification Sounds?

If your Screen is Blacked out, but your hear it recognize charger, your computer detects it, and/or any indicator lights flash or show, then your problem isn’t necessarily power related.  In fact, it’s most likely just a screen issue, either it’s disconnected or broken, with the later being the case 99% of the time.  Check our info on SCREEN REPAIRS HERE and bring it in so we can check connections and price the most reasonable repair route for you.  Of course, there could technically be a power issue causing your symptoms, like one of these.

  • No Backlight, which is technically a power distribution problem, is caused when the backlight on your phone goes out.  LCD displays have a backlight that runs on 5~16V and if this voltage drops too low or has a break in the circuit, you’ll have picture, but now light to see it.  If you use a bright flash light and shine it on your screen and see your clock, lock screen, or anything else when you know it should be on, but can barely see it, then your backlight is out.  Common with TV’s also, but on phones this is usually a sign of moisture exposure.  Read more on that HERE.  What happens is the moisture either causes corrosion on the backlight connection points or it shorts the circuit causing the filter (fuse basically), IC (controller), or Inductor (how they turn 3.6V from battery into 16V) to burn out.  It can also be rooted at the main power supply chip (unrepairable by any local shop) at which point if you needed it repaired that bad it can be sent off to a phone refurbishing facility for repair.
  • Most commonly your device suffered pressure or impact and now has a busted LCD (many times invisible to the naked eye) and so your picture is gone until you replace the screen.  Similar to if your computer lost its monitor or your blu-ray lost the TV, they still are running and working just fine, but theres an issue with display is all.  We can definitely fix that!
  • Last and most rarely seen, GPU went out.  Short for Graphics Processing Unit, which is harbored under or within the CPU (Main processor) on mobile devices typically and unrepairable by local means.  If you don’t gather it from the name, the GPU handles the processing of the video signal and imagery to your display.  So if it goes out, you won’t have a picture.

Now a few of these issues require evasive repairs that may cost you your data, hence the reason we can’t stress enough why you should back up and update your device regularly.  Too many times the person who never breaks anything, ever, ever, ever, suddenly gets just a little water in the wrong spot, and suddenly they device needs repairs that may cause loss of data, and wouldn’t you know, they never break anything, nor back it up either, because they are so confident that they thought they’d never need to.  Don’t be that person, because no matter how careful you are, you slick ninja you, there’s others around you that aren’t so slick, and your phone could become a byproduct of their carelessness.

Possible Power Issues Part 3

Cycling, Have to Hold Charger Just Right To Work, or Not Charging At All?

If your experiencing a boot loop/cycling, loose charging port, or device won’t take a charge at all, then you definitely have a power problem.  Either your port (where power enters the device) is faulty, the battery is faulty, or something is shorting.  We see the looping a lot with android devices, especially the galaxy models.  They use a certain type of power button that likes to short out.  We also see loose ports with galaxies, kindles, ZTE’s, and Lighting Cable Apple devices.  These symptoms can have any one of the following causes.

  • Cycling is the systems way of dealing with an error it detects during boot.  If during boot it determines theres something funky with the hardware it will shut down to be safe and try again.  Funky things include lack of battery detection, short in the power circuit or external buttons, presence of moisture, and on occasion, bad proximity sensor (not sure why the prox effects it this way, but it does).  If your an Apple user and your device immediately boots upon plugging up, cycles, and shuts right off when unplugged, you need a battery or your board is bad.  This is caused by age or moisture (in some cases high heat exposure).  If your an android user with removable battery, and putting a charged battery in turns on device without pressing power button and it shuts off during boot, then your power button is shorted.  Very common, and in and out under 30 minutes type deal.  This is due to a faulty design, age, and/or moisture exposure.  Rarely is cycling due to software, so before you wipe all your pictures and contacts, call us!
  • If your phone is working but you gotta hold the charger just right, or its intermittently charging, then you likely just need a port.  But if you keep forcing it, shoving it, twisting it, and whatever else you can desperately resort to, then you could be causing permanent board damage.  On 90% of androids the port is soldered directly to the Logic Board (Motherboard if you will) and by twisting and angling and shoving you are putting that added pressure on a sensitive part that holds all the important stuff.  Typical repair cost is usually 50 or less and take 30 min or less.  Don’t ruin the whole thing over that.  bring it in.  And if your an Apple Lighting cable user, we typically just have to clean the port and in under 5 min your on your way.
  • If your not charging at all, then you’ve either gotten it wet, forced that plug to work for the last time, or completely ripped out the inner framing on the port.  Type to stop by, because nothing you can do at this point will be productive, in fact, trying almost anything on youtube will likely shame you.  We’ve heard “freezing it will recharge battery”, “microwave will wirelessly charge it”, and seen DIY soldering jobs go CRAZY messed up.  They make everything look easy and work right on youtube.  Used to they just photoshopped pictures, now they crop and edit videos to leave out the struggle, the important parts, or how many they messed up trying.

Basically, save yourself some time, heartache, and pain (and likely money) by stopping by and letting the professionals with the right equipment and training get you back on your way.  We don’t pretend to be plumbers or A/C Technicians, because we’d have a flood or a hot summer before it got fixed,  and our field is just as specialized.

Possible Power Issues Part 4

Charging But Battery Drains Quick or Won't Power On Off The Charger?

Sort of a no brainer here.  If it only works while on charger or drains really quick, then your battery has ran out of cycles.

Where as we like to gauge everything in minutes, years, inches, meters, or gallons, which are all constant and don’t vary, batteries and hard drives (including flash memory) all have life cycles rated by the number of times their  cells or sectors are used (charged and recharged/written and erased).  But lets talk about memory storage on the PC/Mac page, and leave this topic for power storage.  Once your battery has been charged and recharged so many times it gets weaker with each charge until it finally can’t hold one any more.  Then it’s time to replace.  Easier said than done on newer devices and Apple devices, but that’s where we come in.  And once you get your new battery, keeping it charged above 30% and not overheating or getting it around moisture a lot will maximize battery life.

And one thing many falsely believe is that if it don’t see water, it can’t get wet, wrong.  The same thing your mirror does when you take a hot shower, well guess what, your phones inner metal plates will do the same thing if they are exposed to similar conditions.  So leave it out the bathroom while showering, going to a hot and humid place after being in a cooler area, or anything of the like.  And if a fully charged battery gets so hot and humid that the water reaches the acid, you’ll have a big firecracker on your hands.  Just a safety tip.

So if your needing advice or service, stop by, we have the expertise and knowledge to help.