Website Design


Your website is the stage for which they wait to see what you have to offer.

Having a Plain Site or Lack of Content Can Make You Seem A Bit, Well, Plain...


If so then a free site from one of those all in one online offers, having a template constrained budget build from a craigslist “web designer”,or a prebuilt clone copy site that looks like a million others may work for you.  Of course, if your looking at your site as an investment, then consider this, a website can do three things.  A, it can generate business by getting clients the info and want required to contact you.  B, it can do nothing more than sit and be scrolled through but soon forgotten (waste of money BTW).  Or worse, C, IT CAN COST YOU MONEY AND RUN OFF BUSINESS!  If people feel like the site is too cliche or plain, they may think your a fake or scam.  If legit looking but not informative, then they won’t feel enthusiastic about pursuing you.  But if it has the info they were looking for, is visually attractive, and uplifts or enlightens them to the point they become curios about you, then they will come to you, and in turn, that form of website is an asset with profitable returns, the kind of sites we build at Elite.

Of course an overly busy site can be counterproductive too.  Don’t want your audience to catch a headache and immediately click away.  So Follow the old KISS rule, keep it super simple.  We try to think from a viewers perspective when building your page.  We look at your local competitors sites to get a feel for what info they are supplying and then google your field in large cities and see what the top sites are delivering that has earned them high ranking amongst the biggest audiences.  Elite stands for top notch standards, placement, and integrity.  Meaning our goal is to get your site to the top, while elegance and seamless flow filed with information and organization turns your audience into clients.

A Website Must Be Informative

What do you offer your audience?

What are your standards?

How can they contact you?

Whats your history, how are your reviews?

Are you on social media like Twitter or Facebook?

You have any credible affiliations?

Wheres some of your past work, portfolio, high end clients?

What’s the price for what they need, or where to request quote?

And can they find this or links to this easily on your home page?

Put yourself in the third person, search for your services (and similar services), and think of what you would expect, what impresses you, and what turns you off from other sites.

A Website Should Be Stylish

The colors should match your business theme, but not clash or blend into the background.  

The layout should be simple to the eye, but complete on the back end.  Basically, responsive and fun, yet good speed and audience approved.

 Sliders are for portfolios, blogs, photographers, and outdated businesses.  Sure they are fun at first, but check some of the highest ranked websites and see where their sliders are, and what for.  We love sliders, but home page sliders are played out.

Contrast, colorful, yet readable and eye friendly.  You want a site that pops, but not one thats hard to read, feels like a novel, and it must have images and/or videos if all possible.

A Website Should Be Your Virtual Store Front

When someone views your site, then walks into your store or meets you on location, then should feel no doubt they are at the right place.

Your logo of course should be present, but not everywhere.  And your logo font should be pitched in media headings and such, but unless easy to read, should be kept to a minimal.

Your business card should be like your mini site, and vice versa.  The colors in your logo, the background colors on your card, and the designs and font of both should match.

Remember, if your sites complicated, crowded, and hard to navigate, how would you expect your audience to think your business is?

Most Of All, Your Site Should Be On The First Page Of Google!

This comes from proper content firstly, then promotion.

At Elite we personally SEO each page as we build it, predicting what the audience will search for, and include it in the content and/or backend keywords.  This way your page/site pulls up in search results when that phrase or keyword is searched for in google, yahoo, bing, or any others.

Next, it’s important to promote the page/site.  This is where Social Media integration, promotion, publications, Google, Yelp, and Bing Maps are important.  Some even use AdWords for the first month to help boost clicks, but usually with Elite, you won’t need that.  We implant content that works for you.