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If your here it’s because we missed your call and you clicked the reply.  First we wan’t to say Thank You for calling Elite, the area’s most trusted and most experienced name in electronics repair.  We service any electronics, more than just iPhones, and do more than just screens.  This means we also see a ton of repairs come through, and sometimes, we have such high volumes of calls, texts, or walk ins that we can’t reach every call or text as we wish.  So we are trying to improve the site and give you the info your needing.  Generally a text will prove the most efficient for pricing, website can provide your with some pricing and hours, but for open job tracking, the tracking ticket we gave you will be most informative, or simply waiting on our call.  Sometimes things take longer than expected, but know we are working non-stop to get every open ticket done in the order it was received, given all parts have arrived to us.  But if you need a status and don’t see an update online, please shoot a text, this will minimize technician distraction and help maintain maximum work flow.  Thank You!


Normal Hours of Operation…

Typically we are open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM

Saturdays we try to be in between 11AM and 3PM

We don’t open on Sundays.

We are open many retail Holidays, but are usually closed for big Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and Open late on day’s Like New Years.

If your device gets wet or severely damaged on any day we are closed, don’t panic.  Worst thing you can do is charge it or try a DIY repair.  Contact us HERE Via Facebook  for the absolute quickest response from one of the Admins.