Pre-Paid Wireless

Unlimited Talk Text and Data

Are You Tired of Binding Contracts, Overage Charges, And High Wireless Phone Bills?

H2O Wireless Plans

Compared to other wireless phone service providers in the Central Texas Area, H2O offers some of the most competitive plans, and the fact that there is no contract, you can keep your number, and there’s no late payment or overage charges, it’s sort of a no brainer.  The only small limitation is that your phone must be an AT&T or Unlocked T-Mobile, Metro, Verizon, Net-10, Straight Talk GSM, or other GSM Device.   So Unfortunately a Sprint CDMA, Verizon CDMA, Boost, or other device running CDMA baseband won’t currently work on H2O.

But don’t let that discourage you, we also offer Invie (by H2O) which runs on Verizon CDMA devices, and we offer Simple Mobile (which runs T-Mobile Phones).   We really don’t have a current Sprint phone plan, but let’s face is, they already rank pretty low on the totem pole, who wants to bring that service and try to cut back on it in any way.  

H2O Wireless Runs On AT&T’s Fastest 4G LTE Network, yet you pay only a fraction of what AT&T charges.  And There’s A Plan For Everyone!

  • $30: Fits the tight budget or kids line.  500MB data with Unlimited Talk and Text.  Also Comes with $10 International Talk Credit.

  • $35 NEW PLAN: Unmatched amount of service for the price!  Comes with Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data (500MB at 4G, then 2g speeds thereafter).  This plan also includes $10 International Talk Credit!

  • $40: Gets you Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data (1GB at 4G Speeds, then 2G thereafter).  This Plan includes $20 International Talk Credit PLUS Unlimited Mobile to Mobile to Mexico!

  • $50: Best International Plan, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile for Mexico Callers, Unlimited Calling and Texting in the US, and Unlimited Data (2GB at 4G, and the 2G speeds thereafter). Also includes $20 talk credit to other countries.

  • $60: Optimal Plan for most customers,  Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web (3GB, average usage for most young and middle age wireless users, and then unlimited 2G speeds thereafter). Comes with $20 International Talk Credit.

  • NEW $65 Plan: For the data maximizers, this unlimited plan comes with the Talk, Text, and Web Unlimited Feature like the rest, but with Almost 4G of LTE service before being slowed to 2G Speeds.  And $20 International talk credit.

With so many plan options, theres one that fits your needs perfectly.  Most prepaid carriers offer one to two plan options.  And regardless of what you’ve heard or believe, EVERY PREPAID CARRIER SLOWS DOWN THE DATA SPEEDS AT SOME POINT ON ANY “UNLIMITED PLAN”.  Yes that includes Straight Talk’s Unlimited Plan, Boost, Metro, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and all the rest.  After a certain point it slows down on purpose.  Of course H2O shares the highest amounts of 4G LTE before slowing you down,  and runs on nations fastest and most reliable AT&T network.  So Bring Your Own Phone and save some money!

BYOP to 1412 N. Valley Mills Dr. #132 in Waco, TX to get Set Up!