Repair vs. Replace

When having issues with a device, most assume “It can’t be fixed.” or “It’ll be cheaper to buy a new one…”. Let us bust those myths, because over 90% of the time, we can fix it, and even more often, it’s cheaper to repair than buying another or claiming insurance.

The most common reason insurance overtakes repair shop is water damage, Newest Model Galaxy AMOLED Screen out, or getting stolen. Which we have a very high water damage success rate, and depending on device, a lot of times we can even replace the board for less than insurance cost. Now we can’t compete with free upgrade (or 99cent upgrade) through your carrier, of course, but then again we also don’t throw you into another contract (and yes, next/flex programs are contracts for your device because if you stop paying before it’s paid in full, your device gets locked up, and your credit get’s hit with the balance due). Read that fine print. So for instance…

Galaxy charging ports:  We fix those for $40-$80 depending on wether the solders loose or if its the flex inside the S6 (yes we have fixed one of those already).

Batteries:  Yes, your phone has a battery. Yes, there have been people think it don’t. And Yes, we replace those starting at $15 and maxing out at around $100 currently for newest iPad (which we haven’t had to do yet, but if it get’s wet and just cycles, it’s usually the battery, so don’t say “It can’t be fixed”).

No Power at all (seems dead):  This is likely a charging port, power button, or bad battery. All of which can be repaired, and all of which usually cost about $50 on average, older devices a lot of times less, newer devices may be more.

Looping:  Just when all seems lost and you can’t get it out of a looping situation, even after all the forums and blogs you’ve read saying it’s done for, we can usually pull off “miracles” around here. See, the looping (when not software related, which is what most forums and blogs are good at sorting out) is typically caused by stuck buttons, shorted or unreliable ports, or unhealthy batteries. And sometimes it’s caused by bad chips on the board. 99% of the time we can get it back going, the few times we can’t we can usually find a solution that is still cheaper than a new device, insurance, or the long term cost of a contract.

Bent Frame:  Usually accompanied by a screen repair and typically the cause of being sat on (yep, to those out there with your phone in your back pocket) dropped, or wedged in something. Yes, we can fix that. We actually have invested in tools to bring back corners to a close to factory shape. We see it a lot, so just cause your frame has more curves than a coke bottle, don’t let that discourage you, because even if it has gone beyond straightening, we likely have a used or new frame to replace it with at an affordable price that won’t up your phone bill like a Flex or Next program does.  And we can do so much more.

Finally, “It’s not an iPhone though”:  Yeah, we figured, we have kept up with trends and know that not everyone has an iPhone any more. We repair LG, HTC, Samsung, Nook, Kindle, Motorola, ZTE, iPad, iPods, and So Much more. That’s just the mobile end, we fix computers, gaming systems, and just about anything electronic.

254-722-2019 call or text, it’s free to find out if we can fix, but it’s costly to assume we can’t, and illogical to think just because another shop wouldn’t (or don’t know how) that we can’t or won’t. Only repairs we turn down are ones we know how, but know they won’t last. No sense in spending money now when it’s going to fail worse in the near future. That’s why Integrity is our Motto!