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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Elite iPhone Repair just wants to wish everyone an awesome February and hopes everyone has a Great Valentine’s Day this Year! And to help out, we will have random daily specials for those coming in to fix or purchase something for that special someone in their life. So stop in any day between now and […]

Sale on devices and accessories

Black Friday Sale!!

Black Friday Deals are Hot at Elite iPhone Repair and Shock Wave WirelessWith up to 75% off select items, some free with purchase of other items, and some hot devices on the shelves, who would want to miss out? We've got everything fro stocking stuffers, protective items, and even the main gift for under your [...]

Phone + Water = OH NO!!!

     But not necessarily.  I know there’s a growing theory that once your electronic lifeline hits the water, it’s a goner, but that ain’t always the case.  In fact, 75-80% of the phones that get brought in to us, we are able to save.  And at least 50% of the ones we can’t get […]

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Computer Viruses Can Be Avoided

Viruses are a major problem in the computer world, affecting millions a year just on record! Many Don’t even know they have a virus or malware infection! If your computer is running slower than you think it should, your getting pop-ups randomly (or frequently), your getting error messages (or “this PC is infected” type messsages) […]

Whats new with iOS 9.1?

So after all the iOS 9.0, 9.0.1, and 9.0.2 glitches, many are weary of the 9.1 update, but it seems Apple has finally moved in a better direction! A number of the updates in iOS 9 are iPad Pro Related and 3D Touch Improvements, but overall, it is a patch and repair iOS with added […]

Trunk r’ Treat

Elite iPhone Repair and Shock Wave Wireless are planning our first annual Trunk r’ Treat!  Stay tuned for set dates and times by following our Facebook Pages and/or Twitter.  Don’t worry, our times should not interfere with your normal Halloween Plans.  But we want to offer a safe place to get good candy and see […]

Whats UP (Literally) With Screen Repair Prices?

Right now, I know many are wondering why iPhone screen repair prices are fluctuating (mainly going Up!). Well here’s why…    What is short in the market? First let me educate everyone on what is composed of an LCD assembly and what is China’s role in manufacturing those lcds. So Originally Apple has given authority […]