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iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, Plus, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, and Cell Phone Repair services offered by the highest rated cellular parts and service shop in central Texas.  We fix android phones, galaxy phones, windows phones, and other mobile devices at the most affordable prices and highest quality around.

We Repair,  More Than Anywhere!

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#1 Question we get... DO YOU JUST FIX IPHONES?... Not even close!

A typical call to Elite “iPhone” Repair starts off the same…

‘Thank You for calling Elite Phone Repair…”, ‘Do you only fix iPhones, or do you fix other phones as well?’.  And the answer is not easy to be short, but the constant is it always starts with “No, we fix much more…”

From iPhones and Androids, to TV’s and Computers, and even Gaming systems and Random Miscellaneous Electronics, we fix it all.  Car amps, home receivers, portable bluetooth devices, headphones, BEATS by Dre, Mac, PC’s, iPads and EVERY OTHER Brand tablet.  In fact, I think we have seen it all.  Guess you wonder, what don’t we fix… clocks!  Unfortunately we can not turn back time to before your device broke, we can not speed up the Postal Service, and we cannot look into the future to see what tomorrow brings, but for today, we are the only shop in town who’s lead tech studied the WHOLE electronics field at TSTC, not just computers, or just programing, or just marketing, but has taken courses on every aspect, and is still studying in the little free time we have to keep up with what’s next.

You want just a cheap screen repair on your device, with no concern of quality, then we may be overqualified for your needs, but if you want a lasting repair at the fairest price in town on any device, for any issue. then you’ve came to the right place!

OPEN Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM (but may can stay if called soon enough before closing) and by Appointment on Staurday (just call to schedule).

Thank You!