So here you are, Electronics spazzed out or broken, TV not working right, or Gaming System Went Out and wanting to get it fixed.  Things happen, and it’s unfortunate.  You can skip most of the click click click by following the tree menu above.  Just hover over the Brand, then hover over the next option that matches your device, until you reach the device you have.  If you can’t find it fairly quickly or if it’s simply not listed in our price list yet, Call us at 254-722-2019 or Contact Us Here if after hours and we will do our absolute best to get you the best price for what you need fixed.  But remember, we don’t cut corners.  So as you may find a repair a few bucks cheaper, be careful, there are a LOT of sub-par parts on the market that don’t meet our quality standards because they break 2X easier, or worse.   Our guarantee is that YOU WILL NOT FIND THE SAME QUALITY PART AND REPAIR SERVICE AT A LESSER PRICE!  And you can even Schedule Your Repair To Save Time.  Have a nice day and we hope we’ve got your device listed in our inventory.  If not, generally if you call or email us letting us know you didn’t see it, we will add it in soon.  Thank You for choosing Elite iPhone Repair.