Phone + Water = OH NO!!!

     But not necessarily.  I know there’s a growing theory that once your electronic lifeline hits the water, it’s a goner, but that ain’t always the case.  In fact, 75-80% of the phones that get brought in to us, we are able to save.  And at least 50% of the ones we can’t get fully working, we are at least able to get your important data off of.  But there’s usually a reason why we can’t save them all.  First, let me point out some simple facts about water and electronics:

  1. Water alone doesn’t damage most electronics components. 
  2. Unpowered electronics can be submerged in clean water, left out to dry, and see no difference in functionality.  And if submerged in dirty water, simply need cleaning prior to drying. 
  3. The killer of wet electronics is when the are energized, meaning the battery or power source is hooked up. 
  4. Salt water over time eats away at most weaker components, and is highly conductive; meaning if energized, the electronic device will suffer more versus regular tap water.  And highly chlorinated pool water is almost as bad as salt. 

So with that being said, it’s imperative that you don’t just throw it in rice a day or two, the decide to bring it in. A couple things that debunks rice theory are as follows:

  • Rice absorbes moisture it’s in direct contact with over the course of almost an hour, with heat and persuasion. So throwing your phone in a cool bag of rice could take up to two weeks to dry out (about as long as it would sittings not your desk). 
  • Rice tends to find its way into nooks and crannies.  So your headphone jack, charging port, speakers, mic holes, all just came targets for rice and the powdering it does. Possibly causing what would’ve been good parts, to now need replacing. 
  • Rice is like a band aid on a broken bone. Sure, that bone might head right (or at least close enough) and then you can beg on how you saved a trip to the hospital.  Or it may just prolong the inevitable and cause more damage than help.  Versus that trip in on day one you would’ve gotten the guaranteed best results;  probably at a better price than what it is now a week later. 

Other ideas we’ve seen and heard:

  • Blow drier: Great way to take the liquid moisture, humidify it to a point it gets into every part of the device.  Only way any air movement could do any good on a sealed device would be a gentle dehydrated flow sucked in a sturdy inlet caused by vacuum around the rest of the device for a few hours.  Sorta how you dehumidify a home after a flood. But even then the home is entered by professions, not just an exauhst fan put at the front door by the owner. 
  • Car dash:  Similar to blow drier only worse. Go ahead and could out your battery be likely your LCD at this point, not to mention whatever else needed attention. 
  • Microwave:  Yes, we have heard it all, and if I need explain more on why this don’t work, then I feel you shoul Google “metal in microwave”. 
  • Oven:  Sonehow the kitchen is when a lot of home remedies start, but for phones, only tragedy starts in the kitchen, not healing.  Oven/car dash/blow drier; all same concept, different heat levels, different levels of ultimate damage. 
  • Freezer:  Now here’s an idea some have had that entregues me.  So remember in like 1st or 2nd grade when you learned that water EXPANDS when frozen.  And I’m sure most people have that cliche circuit board image of a bunch of if chips, on a blue or green board, that are all setting up  bit off the board.  So add those together in concept.  You have water under that chip and you freeze it. Does it go away?  No it expands and lifts that chip.  Difference is, the IC chips in phones aren’t replaceable generally, an there’s a ton of other microcomponents that absorb that water, so when it freezes, they are done, yet it won’t show outwardly. 

And I could go on and on.  Bottom line, if it gets wet, don’t energize it; meaning don’t plug it up.  Just bring it in as soon as possible and let the experiences staff at Elite iPhone repair do the best anyone can to save what’s important to you.  Hope this helps you summer fun, water people like myself.  And ultimate way to save your phone from water damage,  take a go-pro and leave the phone at home.  They cost a little more than the ever failing life proof cases and are designed to do more with higher resolution imagery.  But if all else fails, bring it by or call 254-722-2019.