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Where Integrity Matters Most is more than just a slogan, it’s our motto, our belief, and what our company operates on.  Where others leave out very crucial parts or simply use low copy parts to increase margins, we cut no corners.  So you may find cheaper places, gimmicks, get paid for reviews elsewhere, but at Elite, we believe if your doing a good job with good parts, theres no reason why you can’t offer a lengthy warranty, and your end product will bring its own reviews and referrals.  We’ve been doing this longer, and have more training in the field, so we know more, service more, and offer more than any others in the area.  So now you have one question to ask yourself, is a few bucks worth playing the lottery with your device?  Or should you just bring it in to us and let the experience and warranty take all the risk out of the equation?  Thank You for your interest and hope to see you soon!



It means that if at any point within 6 months of the repair, the part we replaced becomes unresponsive, don’t work right, or shows signs of defect, then we will replace it for free!


It covers screens, cameras, speakers, LCDs, buttons, and most other hardware unless specified at time of repair or in FAQ tab below.


Due to the fact we can’t see what goes on after it leaves our store, no matter how much we preach proper maintenance, there is no way to know that the instructions are followed.  So due to that fact, charging ports, batteries, and headphone jacks come with a very limited 30 day warranty.  Reason being, if a customer lets their battery go dead often, leaves it dead a lot, or uses improper charging devices, they could damage the battery.  And as far as ports and jacks, similar stipulations apply.  If a customer continues to regularly use a device while its plugs up, yank the cord around, or bind the cord while plugged up to try to reach an extended distance, these may cause premature failure without any outwardly provable signs of neglect.  So unfortunately we are unable to deliver a 6 month warranty on these types of repairs.  Also water damage repairs are not guaranteed beyond leaving the store due to the fact, once it is tested, we usually do our best to ensure nothing will go wrong, but again, it had been wet and any number of micro components may have permanent damage but haven’t quite went out yet.  No way for any one to know or tell, but also, no way to stand behind uncertainties such as these unfortunately.


Usually common sense comes in to play here, but to be clear we will list items that will land a bill upon second repair:

  • Dropping the device.  Needless to say, your first repair was caused by physical damage, if the action is repeated, it will require repair again, and a charge again.
  • Getting it wet.  No matter how well engineered a piece or part is, water is not it’s friend.  And furthermore, will cause some issues with how it works.  We can’t be held responsible for that.  Our supplier would look at us crazy if we tried to ship back parts that didn’t work with signs of moisture exposure.
  • DIY, doing it yourself…  If you decided later to fix a simpler issue on you phone after we’ve installed a different part, and our part was touched or removed during the process and suddenly don’t work, well sorry, but your not approved by our team as an experienced tech, nor by our vendor, and so that part is now your responsibility.  Sorry, too many times we see people lose 60 trying to save 10.  Leave it to the experts, and don’t believe everything on the internet.
  • Having it repaired at another shop.  Ok, I know, it’s another repair shop, we all know the same stuff right? WRONG, we fix on average 15 mess ups from other local shops weekly.  Elite Has very thorough quality standards, and other shops don’t always like seeing our stickers on parts, and yes, they will be rough intentionally just to make you think we did something wrong.  That’s dirty pool, and we don’t play that way, but many do.  So if we fix your phone, and then later your friend convinces you to take it to her friend working at the phone medic or whoever, and they mess up our part just out of spite, yeah we wont cover that. Sorry.
  • Engraving or gluing anything to the part.  If you cause any blemishes such as permanent adhesive or engravings, or deep scratches, to the part, the warranty is void.  Not cause we don’t thing bedazzling is cool, or that custom labelling ain’t a great idea, it’s just that our vendor wont accept it back because it’s been physically modified. Sorry.

Phone Repair

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#1 Question we hear… “Do You fix Just iPhones?”.  No, We are 1000% more than just iPhone Repairs.  We fix Androids, Tablets, MP3 Plays, Windows Phones, and any other device you may have.  And We are more than just Screen Repairs.  We fix Anything and everything from the screen to the back, from the top button to the lower mic, and from the side frame to the inside flex assemblies and board level repairs.  So what disturbs your device?

Television Repair

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Your watching your favorite show and suddenly your TV just shuts off!  What do you do?  You could go to the regular TV shop and pay upwards of $99 for diagnostic, or if its a flat panel plasma, LCD, or LED you could bring it by for a $49.99 diagnostic, which is applied to the final bill.  So in the end, it’s as if you never paid for diagnostics at all!

Computer Repair

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So old faithful, with all the memories and pictures you’ve entrusted in its ceramic brain, has decided to not come alive.  Now your going crazy, it’s life flashes before your eyes and your overcome with anxiety!  The Photos, memory, documents and data, all gone!  What ever shall you do?!  KEEP CALM and CALL ELITE!  Wether your ram shorted, hard drive crashed, or a virus took it down, we have a fix for 99% of the issues that come through our doors and all data is saved or recovered most of the time.  Now you and old faithful can get back to Facebook and Farmville… or whatever it is you do.

Carrier Unlocking

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You want to get out of that contract, or simply found a better rate with another company, but quickly find that your phone can only be used on your current carrier!  No fear, we can unlock most devices to make it work on any carrier.  Unfortunately most CDMA (such as Sprint, Boost, Some Metro, ETC) can’t be unlocked, but otherwise,  AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and many more can.  So Call, Text, Or Stop In for more info.

Gaming System Repair

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Red Ring, YLOD, Disk Reading Error, Bad GPU, HDMI Ports, and much much more.  If your XBox, Playstation, or Wii is giving you problems, then bring it on by for a $39.99 diagnostic.  WE will find the root issue and then if you decide to fix it, we will deduct the $39.99 fee from the repair total. Click HERE For More Information.

We Offer Affordable Phone Service

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$30 Plan:

  • UNLIMITED Talk, Text, and  MMS (MMS relies on data balance)
  • UNLIMITED Talk to 50+ Countries  PLUS $10 International Talk Credit
  • UNLIMITED International Text
  • 500MB Data at Full 4G LTE Speeds (with compatible device)

$40 Plan:

  • UNLIMITED Talk, Text, and  MMS (MMS relies on data balance)
  • UNLIMITED Talk to 50+ Countries  PLUS $20 International Talk Credit
  • UNLIMITED International Text
  • 1GB Data at Full 4G LTE Speeds (with compatible device)

$50 Plan:

  • UNLIMITED Talk, Text, and  MMS (MMS relies on data balance)
  • UNLIMITED Talk to 50+ Countries  PLUS $20 International Talk Credit
  • UNLIMITED International Text
  • 2GB Data at Full 4G LTE Speeds (with compatible device)

$60 Plan:

  • UNLIMITED Talk, Text, and MMS (limited MMS on iPhones)
  • UNLIMITED Talk to 50+ Countries  PLUS $20 International Talk Credit
  • UNLIMITED International Text
  • UNLIMITED Data (2.5GB at 4G LTE with compatible device, then drops to 2G)

Book Online To Save Time

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Save time by letting us know what you need and when.  And if your don’t see what you need, simply text us or call and we can pencil you in, no problem. Click HERE To Book Now.

Website Design

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We Build and SEO all sorts of sites.  From nothing to something, or from existing to make it better, we can help you in any way you need.  Click HERE For More Info.

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