Paying too much for phone service?

At Elite iPhone Repair (soon to be just Elite Phone Repair) we offer H2O Wireless. Plans run from $30 (perfect for the kids or grandma who hates technology) to $60 unlimited plans. No overages, hidden fees, or varying taxes. Just flat rate plans to fit your data needs. All come with unlimited talk and text and runs on AT&T’s network and 4G speeds. If you have AT&T now, just bring your own phone. If your on Verizon, there’s a big chance your phone will work also. If your on Metro or T-Mobile we will need to unlock the device first, usually not that expensive. If currently on sprint, boost, or other CDMA network we can attempt to work out a phone trade in for you. Easy set up, keep your old number, and pay your bill with us each month or anywhere else H2O is sold. Why keep overpaying for the same service? Come see us!!!