How limited is unlimited…

These days, especially in the data and tech world, the demand is “unlimited”, “fastest”, “widest”!  But what is it really, and what are we missing out on.  Well really lots of things. Let’s start with technology….

  1. Technology today is “unlimited” and while tomorrow is being built, next week is already being bought, and next year has already been patented, we tend to just throw away today.  Steve Jobs had things so far advanced in concept and design that for a decade after his passing we will continue to see his work released in stages, yet he didn’t allow his own children to use iDevices.  Tells you something doesn’t it.b Kinda like a skinny chef.  Companies are giving you everything you can think of, syncing them with every aspect of life, from the alarm that wakes you, to the ambience that helps you sleep.  Even wifi in cars and soon a watch that tells everything, not just time.  Yet most can’t recall who they met yesterday, or what they ate for lunch. 
  2. Data now days is “unlimited”.  Kids building apps at 9 years old. Teenagers blogging and most 12 year olds could hold an associates degree if they spent half their “data” on iTunes U or any other free online college.  Yet there’s a wiki dedicated to mine craft, and more game and Barbie apps than there are learning and productivity apps. There’s enough backlight glow in an average restraint during meals that they could dim the lights midnight and customers would never know it.  Yet we have no idea what we want to eat when the server comes back for the 3rd time.  Service and repair businesses are slowly raising prices to compensate for less calls cause YouTube allows anyone to be a Jack Of All Trades.  Yet we forget how important the local economy is.  Unlimited data, with 0 social allowance on your next months bill. 
  3. And finally, the nations widest coverage. Cause we definitely need our camping trip riddled with minion rush and candy crush. Cause a camp fire wouldn’t be the same without selfies. And fishing by the lake is great, but would hate to miss what’s trending on Twitter. Long gone are days of wide coverage consisting of a long country scenic ride.   You could drive 6 hours through west Texas and back, and the driver might remember half the sites, the passenger about a third, while the two kids in the back built two new towns and set some high scores on temple run, but actually have no clue if you went north or south, east or west, or just drove around the county for 6 hours.  What’s owning a thousand acres, if you only look at your porch steps. 

Don’t take this post wrong, technology has brought us great benificial advancements in many fields, and put the world at our finger tips, and without it, I wouldn’t have a business today.  And data gives us resources that set the next generation up for major leaps. And signal in far away places is really helpful when your stranded or lost.  But I just think, before we talk about how unlimited our data is and how far it reaches, we should evaluate how much it’s limiting our life, dumbing us down, and holding us in one spot.  A hammer can build or destroy, it’s all in how it’s used.  And that’s all I got to say about that, be blessed.