HDohmy! Broken HDMI Ports are a pain!

Elite iPhone Repair fixes Playstation and Xbox HDMI Ports.

So, You wasn’t looking while trying to plug it up, or maybe you was, but just had a hard time getting it to go, but either way, after it’s hooked up, your getting no picture.  Then you closer inspect to find a nasty image like the one above!  Whoa, what do you do?  First thought is a gaming store (who subs out to local shops like us typically and then mark up the price), and after hearing $130 or more you start wondering about other options.  Hopefully anyway, because that is how you find that Elite iPhone Repair is secretly a full service Electronics repair shop that fixes just about anything electronic, including Gaming Systems, but at a lower price than the big ticket places.  And then when you hear that we can  have it done in less time than most, that really just thrills you, because let’s face it, your game is you world away from this one and where you can be free.  Broken HDMI Ports imprison people, don’t be imprisoned.  And big ticket specialty shop overcharge people, don’t be overcharged! Stop by Elite iPhone Repair and be revived and back on to the mission!