Do it yourself OR do it right?




We see many come in this way, not seeing as to why the newer devices cost so much to fix “Just A Broken Glass”.  But it’s more than just a glass.  Just like on your car, if you break “Just the tail light lens” You still need to replace the whole assembly.  And sure the plastic on that light is cheap, but requires proper equipment and experience to be replaced, and so you either pay for the whole assembly and a little labor to install, or you pay for a cheap part, but a lot in labor and extra materials to replace the lens (only for it to still have flaws).  Your newer device have the glass, touch sensory (digitizer), and LCD (Display) all fused together as one assembly and glued to the framing.  We replace the complete assembly because its THE ONLY RIGHT WAY TO DO THE REPAIR.  By doing so we are able to offer the longest warranty and the outcome is the best.  Downfall is that generally its over $100 and on Samsung can be up to $300!!! ouch.  But remember, we charge flat rate labor.  So no matter wether its $100 or $300, rest assured, all but a small portion is part cost to do it right.  If you find a cheaper price elsewhere, be careful. And a lot of times we offer LCD credits because our vendors can send them back to manufacturer to be properly refurbished, but when you attempt it yourself or let a friend demolish the LCD, that offers out the window.