Day of Rest

We are closed Sunday, as are a lot of companies, cause we need a day of rest. Working 8-6 Monday-Friday and usually 9-4 Saturday is about 57 hours a week. Seeing as we are your small, family owned, owner-operated business, it’s unethical and unrealistic to sacrifice family time and rest for a couple customers on a Sunday. I think all businesses should be this way. You might be concerned about “what if we need milk on a Sunday” but at one time businesses were closed on Sunday’s. But in a generation of ‘I need it now’ when actually it’s usually a simple want, which falls back on being spoiled and pampered society, if someone suddenly feels the urge for a smoothie at 3AM on a Sunday they expect someone to be open.  But back to my original point.  We close on Sunday so that we can appreciate family time and get personal things accomplished.  Some don’t, and that’s fine, especially if they are a franchise where the Sunday tech has two other days off.  But as for Elite iPhone, we simply need a day of rest and recovery and a chance to smell the roses. Have a great Sunday and be blessed.