Computer Viruses Can Be Avoided

Viruses are a major problem in the computer world, affecting millions a year just on record!

Many Don’t even know they have a virus or malware infection!


If your computer is running slower than you think it should, your getting pop-ups randomly (or frequently), your getting error messages (or “this PC is infected” type messsages) quite often, and/or your noticing a lot of redirects when you google search before landing on the page you requested (you have to pay attention to your html bar after searching or clicking a link), then it is almost certain you have a virus.


You should never try to fix a virus yourself.  Most the programs online (especially free ones) offering virus removal, are in fact malware programs hidden behind a promising disguise.  So you’ll only further the infection by downloading them.  Only REAL programs for virus PROTECTION are available in CD for in store (even if they have an online copy to purchase).  Just remember, your PC is infected and your key strokes are likely being monitored by a server that’s influencing your search results AND showing you what IT wants you to see.  So you may think I’ll head over to AVG or Norton and download their PC Cleanup, but the virus you already have may redirect you to a cloned site that gets your personal and credit card info, sells you a modified and infected version of the anti-virus program, and unless you know know know for 100% sure what the html should read up top, you could be paying to download another virus and giving away your personal info.  Professional Shops already have verified programs on external drives that we run on your computer to find every infected file and repair if able.  Afterwards we can typically let you know what was compromised, how you got it, and ways to prevent it again.

Another issue with self repair of viruses, most have software watching your actions, and once it detects hat your trying to fix it yourself, it’s liable to go crazy on your Hard Drive, personal files, and attach to everything you hold dear.  Meaning, in order to remove it at that point, you lose everything.  I mean, some do that to start off with.  SOME even remove your data from your PC and leave only the link to it, put the original on their server and then send you a ransom message demanding money to get those important photos or documents back.

So before you click than next “Free….” Offer or download, ask yourself if it’s worth all the info on your computer, or possibly, the entire computer as a whole.  We have seen viruses overclock the hardware, motherboard, and hard drive so much trying to hide its presence from you (because viruses typically make a PC slower, but if it turbochargers your processor and Hard drive to run faster than their built, it levels out the performance) that they fail, causes motherboards to go out, processors to cook, and most commonly, hard drive controller failure.

Now not every case is so extreme, and many are caught early on enough that a 6-12hr scan and clean fixes everything.  But usually when I play a lotto, I’m betting to win, not to lose.  So it’s best to not bet on that free video, mp3, or program.  Nothing is truly free.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!