Cheap or Elite?

cheap  (tʃiːp)
— adj
1. costing relatively little; inexpensive;
2. charging low prices: a cheap hairdresser
3. of poor quality; shoddy: cheap furniture cheap and nasty
4. worth relatively little: promises are cheap
5. not worthy of respect; vulgar

There are times in life where cheap is fine, but not many times.  Printer paper, hub caps, bottled water, or maybe certain chips are ok to get the cheapest available, But does your expensive electronic lifeline (cell phone, tablet, or computer) fall into the same category as those items?  So when it breaks why would anyone base the repair only on the cost?  Now lets be clear, we all aim at competitive prices and customer satisfaction, which encompasses affordability, but there are those out there that find the absolute “cheapest” (note 4&5 definitions) parts on the market and then slap a 30 day warranty on the repair because they know its highly unlikely the part will last beyond that point.  Is that worth the $5-$10 you saved?  At Elite we are constantly checking our suppliers and verifying the ones we use are in fact giving the highest quality parts on the market.  We pay about 20% more for our parts versus the “cheaper” places.  In turn we still try our hardest to match prices, but that can’t always be achieved.  At which point you must ask yourself, Do you want cheap or Elite?  All our repairs come with at least a 6 month hassle free warranty.  We can do this and keep running because we use good parts and properly install them just as you would find from the manufacturer.  I only bring this post to you because we see the rising cost of repairs, and we feel for the customers.  We wish phones still used $10 digitizers separate from the LCD like with the old iPhone’s, when we could repair them in 5 minutes for $30.  That was awesome.  But in a day where Quality LCD assemblies cost $100 or more and have to be replaced when the outer lens gets shattered, it’s impossible to keep trying to compete with those days.   Every parts manufacturer has at least 4 different quality levels on the parts.  Original (OEM), High Copy (Usually original LCD with their own lens), Copy A (Their own LCD and lens matching close specs to original), and then Copy B (Generic everything for economic repairs).  Original may be $110, High Copy follows about $95, Copy A hits around $80, and then Copy B usually lands around $60.   This is where it gets tricky, because as a quality repair shop, we want to get at least High Copy so as to offer a longer warranty and know its going to last.  But then you have the “Cheap” shops grabbing up the A and B copies with fingers crossed that they last 30 days.  Now that cheap shop can theoretically offer the repair for the same price to the public, that the Quality shop PAYS for just their part.  Now is where you come in to play as the customer.  You see one shop charging $99.99 for the repair, and another charging $129.99.  Where do you go?  How do you pick?  It’s just a glass right?  Why should it be $129.99?  It’s all the same, so I am just going to go ahead and save the $30 and leave the quality shop hanging this time.  Ok, so they knock it out, offer you even a better price if you like them on Facebook or leave a review.  Your happy!  A few weeks pass and you notice it seems to scratch real easy, but maybe just need a screen protector.  Pay for that too.  One day you pick it up, and its cracked again, yet you didn’t even drop it?  Or worse, IT WONT EVEN LIGHT UP!?!  So you run back into their shop where you’ve already sent like 20 other people in from review and Facebook, where they explain that the warranty is out and you’ll need to pay again.  But wait, that’s another $100!  Now you hate all repair shops in general.  Why?  But then you walk into a quality shop, like Elite, and they open your device in front of you.  What’s this? Screws are missing? Everything is generic?  So you were basically set up!  You get it repaired the second time at Elite, where they also help you into a good protective case and make you feel at home, plus put everything that was missing back, at no extra charge.  Now when you leave you don’t have to be asked to brag, bribed to review, or begged to refer, because you just want to.  And months later when that new phone comes out, you stop back by to trade in the old and get a new case for the new.  Cheap or Elite??  We aren’t cheap, we aren’t high, we are just fair.  And now with the added knowledge you have, you can decide.