Cheap Screen Repair Costs Are Actually More Expensive

    So you just broke your iPhone or Android Display and are shopping  for the cheapest  place in town to get it repaired.  Sounds logical from a frugal point of view initially but in actuality you may very well be setting yourself up for failure.  Let me start by asking you a few simple questions:

  1. How many times do you want to visit the repair store about one repair?
  2. How many times would you prefer to pay for the same repair?
  3. How many shops would you like to visit in person to get your device working right again?
  4. How many times do you want to be upset about the problem (including the time it happened)?

If you answered “once” to all the questions, then going to the cheapest shop is far from your best interest.  Unfortunately for us all now a days, very few repair businesses (not just with electronics) are as honest as their advertisement puts on.  It is all about making the initial sell and then dealing with the rest later.  They will tell you it’s OEM, Original, Better than New, etc. BUT in reality, 90% of the time, that is not the case.  And the #1 way a consumer can quickly determine wether or not they are getting the Manufacturer Quality parts and service is usually found in the price.  Ask these questions the next time a place seems too cheap, or too high…

  • Why is your price so much less (or more) than the rest?

Give them a chance to explain.  If the cheaper place replies with “Well we just don’t mark up as much.” or “We buy in bigger volume.”  then your being lied to.  Example,  OEM LCD part A costs $80 bought as one piece.  Lets play with the two provided answers.  Cheaper Shop has it priced at $90 plus tax, while others are at $115.  IF (big IF) the cheaper shop is using OEM Original Part A, then they are making $10, minus $5 for labor and about $3 for overhead and taxes.  So that company is growing on $2 profit a repair at about 3-4 an hour?  So that’s obviously not it, must be the buying in bulk.  Elite has been around longer than most others, and even with our ties to several vendors, and even options to buy direct from Manufacturer, at 100 pieces per order, your still paying $75/pc for OEM LCD Part A.  Multiply that times just 10 models and colors.  So I guess their spending $75,000/order?  Not likely.  BUT there is this other option they won’t admit, see, eBay, Amazon, and the China vendors all have whats called COPY, A, B, etc.  that to YOU look the same on the outside, but cost only $55/pc and $50 if bought in quantities of 10 or more at a time.  These assemblies have weaker flex cables, less adhesives, and thinner glass.  PLUS the thinner glass is also not treated the same as the original, so it scratches and breaks EASIER.  BUT at $50 on a $90 repair, suddenly margins have quadrupled and they are making better profits than the Elite Grade shops.  Only so your screen can give you issues and breaks easier, which gets you back in sooner…. To Pay AGAIN.

  • What is your Warranty, and What does it Cover?

Most of the cheaper shops offer a 30 day, very limited, warranty that covers dead pixels or something obviously due to bad part or install.  BUT if they can find any reason to put the blame back on you, they do.  Or if they can at least up-sell something else to get you to have to pay more (“Well this was caused by your flux capacitor which was probably derailed by the length of the drop and…..”WHATEVER!) then they do that.  Very few of them offer a 6 month or comparable warranty.  WHY? Simple, the parts they order don’t come with a 6 month.  And if they do offer a similar warranty, I would bet the farm, if you come in after 60 days (which is when their vendors warranty stops) you’ll get the excuses or blame game, but not a free replacement.  Now let me not pretend that we don’t run into genuine issues where the phone took more initial damage than visibly assessed, but typically we can pick up on that right away in your first visit, and it definitely won’t show up 30+ days later.  And no warranty covers it being cracked again or getting wet, but then again, that should be common sense, but also, that screen quality we mentioned above would play a huge role in just how quick it does crack again AND how resilient it is against moisture.

  • What kind of protection do you offer after the repair?

And the number one answer to this from cheaper shops is….. generic Otterbox, bling cases, hard cases, or nothing at all.  Face it, they don’t want you protecting it, but they will try to convince you that whatever they sell you will protect it.  So they will talk you into a snap on 75 cent ebay case for $15 and convince you it’ll help, knowing in every bone in won’t.  Whereas at more reputable shops, like Elite, we offer rubber, tpu, multi-layer cases and tempered glass screen protectors.  Drop tested quality protection AND give a discount on the case because you already paid for a screen repair.

   So, lets summarize this.  There is no way you can get an OEM original quality screen repair with a REAL warranty at the cheapest place in town.  Of course going to the most expensive doesn’t guarantee it either.  But then that’s where reviews come into play.  So your actually at two options:

  1. Pay less per visit, but make two or more visits, be frustrated in the end, and pay the most overall, or
  2. Pay more per visit, but only make one visit for that particular devices problem, and be happy!

At Elite iPhone Repair, we only use the highest quality parts on the market and confidently stand behind the repairs with a 6 Month Hassle Free Warranty.  We can’t promise to be the cheapest, but we will be the lowest price for what we offer.  Not to mention we fix more issues on more devices than anywhere else.

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