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  • Electronics, the brain drain, and pocket book pickers!

    Electronics have become an addiction! Anyone remember years ago, when a pager was an annoyance at times, and you had to find change to call home?  In some areas, believe it or not, that still is the case.  But for most, we have pocket computers we call phones, mini all-in-ones we call tablets, and the […]
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Elite iPhone Repair just wants to wish everyone an awesome February and hopes everyone has a Great Valentine’s Day this Year! And to help out, we will have random daily specials for those coming in to fix or purchase something for that special someone in their life. So stop in any day between now and […]
  • HDohmy! Broken HDMI Ports are a pain!

    So, You wasn’t looking while trying to plug it up, or maybe you was, but just had a hard time getting it to go, but either way, after it’s hooked up, your getting no picture.  Then you closer inspect to find a nasty image like the one above!  Whoa, what do you do?  First thought […]
    Loose Port
  • Black Friday Sale!!

    Black Friday Deals are Hot at Elite iPhone Repair and Shock Wave WirelessWith up to 75% off select items, some free with purchase of other items, and some hot devices on the shelves, who would want to miss out? We've got everything fro stocking stuffers, protective items, and even the main gift for under your [...]
  • Phone + Water = OH NO!!!

         But not necessarily.  I know there’s a growing theory that once your electronic lifeline hits the water, it’s a goner, but that ain’t always the case.  In fact, 75-80% of the phones that get brought in to us, we are able to save.  And at least 50% of the ones we can’t get […]
  • Computer Viruses Can Be Avoided

    Viruses are a major problem in the computer world, affecting millions a year just on record! Many Don’t even know they have a virus or malware infection! If your computer is running slower than you think it should, your getting pop-ups randomly (or frequently), your getting error messages (or “this PC is infected” type messsages) […]
    Software repair sservices
  • Cheap Screen Repair Costs Are Actually More Expensive

        So you just broke your iPhone or Android Display and are shopping  for the cheapest  place in town to get it repaired.  Sounds logical from a frugal point of view initially but in actuality you may very well be setting yourself up for failure.  Let me start by asking you a few simple questions: How […]
  • Whats new with iOS 9.1?

    So after all the iOS 9.0, 9.0.1, and 9.0.2 glitches, many are weary of the 9.1 update, but it seems Apple has finally moved in a better direction! A number of the updates in iOS 9 are iPad Pro Related and 3D Touch Improvements, but overall, it is a patch and repair iOS with added […]
  • Trunk r’ Treat

    Elite iPhone Repair and Shock Wave Wireless are planning our first annual Trunk r’ Treat!  Stay tuned for set dates and times by following our Facebook Pages and/or Twitter.  Don’t worry, our times should not interfere with your normal Halloween Plans.  But we want to offer a safe place to get good candy and see […]
  • Whats UP (Literally) With Screen Repair Prices?

    Right now, I know many are wondering why iPhone screen repair prices are fluctuating (mainly going Up!). Well here’s why…    What is short in the market? First let me educate everyone on what is composed of an LCD assembly and what is China’s role in manufacturing those lcds. So Originally Apple has given authority […]

For a long time, Elite iPhone Repair Waco has been bringing quality repair services to the Central Texas Area.  We aren’t much on paying for adwords or other forms of advertisement, mainly due to the fact we see it as sort of cheating.  We have always believed that good quality work at affordable prices will bring you customers.  Those ethics is what drives us every day to do more to please our customers.  We take even the simplest of iPhone or Galaxy repairs very seriously, yet keep a very comfortable and fun atmosphere for the customers.  We believe in putting everything back like it came, and we believe in integrity.  

Many other shops these days are all about the money.  You’ve got your iPhone Doctor’s and Md’s and Medics, you got your iFix, iCool, iRepair, and you have your local computer repair shops, Batteries Plus, and Geek Squad all offering screen repairs, charging doc replacements, and water damage solutions.  But they are mostly chain stores geared around big profit margins and fast growth.  So figure this, if they are charging you the same price or less than Elite is, yet able to pay chunks for advertising and adwords, and grow so quickly, how are they getting the profit margins to do this all simultaneously?  Could it be in the quality of the parts they use?  Or are they lining up repairs and speeding through them?  Why is their warranties only 30 days while ours is 6 months if they are using good parts?  And do you really just want a screen that ain’t broke, or do you want a good quality repair that’ll last?  These are important questions you should ask before choosing which electronics repair shop to go to.

And last but not least, another tidbit for you theres only 5 repair shops in Waco, that were born and raised here, by locals, and that support our local community.  Elite is one, Waco Custom iPhone is another, Mobile Computer Repair,  iPhone MD, and Quintero’s.  The rest were/are franchised operations, most of the owners from out of town, and not as customer oriented, more profit oriented.  And Elite iPhone is one of the first, back when we were all mobile craigslist repair operations and home based.  Elite iPhone is also the only one who’s lead tech is level 3 SMD trained and went to T.S.T.C. for two years as an Electronics Major.  

You see, it’s more than just another broken glass, or bad battery coming through the door at Elite, it’s a personality that we enjoy meeting.  It’s a hard time that needs help.  It’s a mom or daughter that can’t reach their other’s because their lifeline is down.  At Elite iPhone Repair your not a number, a dollar sign, or a payday, instead, you are a person with a need we hope to help. And in helping someone, you don’t give them sub-par parts, rushed work, or a big bill.  You give them a smile, quality parts, thorough service, and reasonable pricing.  And you make sure they were glad they came.  And look forward to every visit, in fact, we hope to see you soon!