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Where Integrity Matters Most is more than just a slogan, it’s our motto, our belief, and what our company operates on.  Where others leave out very crucial parts or simply use low copy parts to increase margins, we cut no corners.  So you may find cheaper places, gimmicks, get paid for reviews elsewhere, but at Elite, we believe if your doing a good job with good parts, theres no reason why you can’t offer a lengthy warranty, and your end product will bring its own reviews and referrals.  We’ve been doing this longer, and have more training in the field, so we know more, service more, and offer more than any others in the area.  So now you have one question to ask yourself, is a few bucks worth playing the lottery with your device?  Or should you just bring it in to us and let the experience and warranty take all the risk out of the equation?  Thank You for your interest and hope to se you soon!

iPhone and Android Phone Repair


#1 Question we hear… “Do You fix Just iPhones?”.  No, We are 1000% more than just iPhone Repairs.  We fix Androids, Tablets, MP3 Plays, Windows Phones, and any other device you may have.  And We are more than just Screen Repairs.  We fix Anything and everything from the screen to the back, from the top button to the lower mic, and from the side frame to the inside flex assemblies and board level repairs.  So what disturbs your device?

We Offer TV Repairs Too!


Your watching your favorite show and suddenly your TV just shuts off!  What do you do?  You could go to the regular TV shop and pay upwards of $99 for diagnostic, or if its a flat panel plasma, LCD, or LED you could bring it by for a $49.99 diagnostic, which is applied to the final bill.  So in the end, its like your never paid for diagnostics at all!

We Also Repair Computers!

Compoter Repairs

So old faithful, with all the memories and pictures you’ve entrusted in its ceramic brain, has decided to not come alive.  Now your going crazy, it’s life flashes before your eyes and your overcome with anxiety!  The Photos, memory, documents and data, all gone!  What ever shall you do?!  KEEP CALM and CALL ELITE!  Wether your ram shorted, hard drive crashed, or a virus took it down, we have a fix for 99% of the issues that come through our doors and all data is saved or recovered most of the time.  Now you and old faithful can get back to Facebook and Farmville… or whatever it is you do.

XBox or PS3 Spazzing? We can Help!


We also fix Gaming Systems.  Click below for common pricing.  But usually a diagnostic is performed first, because we have experienced in many cases, one issue being caused by different things in different circumstances.

Need Better Phone Bill Rates?


Tired of overages, high rates, or just want a cheap talk/text plan for a youngster?  Come see us for Prepaid wireless that runs on AT&T’s towers.

Book An Appointment Now!


Book an Appointment online now so we can get you in and out quicker! 

What's New At Elite iPhone Repair!

  • We Have iPhone 6’s in stock.

    We have limited quantity of iPhone 6’s. We have an AT&T gold 6, a Sprint Silver 6, and a Gold unlocked verizon 6! All just $549.99 except the verizon at $599.99! Stop by to get one, put that tax money to long term use. We also have iPhone 5S’s and some 5’s.
  • iPhone 6 screen repairs $139.99!

    If you’ve broken your iPhone 6, Elite iPhone can get you back going for only $139.99 plus tax. (6 Plus is still $399.99 unfortunately, but hope they’ll be more reasonable after February)
  • Wednesday will be last day to enter!

    Stop by and check in for a chance at free Baylor Tickets! Also, drop your name in the drawing box for a chance at Chris Brown, Dallas Mavericks, and George Lopez Tickets!
  • It’s cold outside, but know what’s cooler?

    Elite iPhone is more than just iPhones. We offer affordable rate plans, android services, computer virus removal and hardware repair, gaming system repairs, pretty much anything electronic! We’ll even look at the old stuff most won’t. We even build nice responsive, fully custom websites that’ll hit Google’s first page. Don’t believe it can’t be done, […]
  • It just got a little wet, was working fine for a while….

    And then it quits. And looks like this inside. If your phone gets wet, bring it in immediately for a cheap open, dry, and clean. Otherwise, waiting, could result in needing whole new phone. We service water damage after any length of time, but the sooner the better, and usually the cheaper.
  • New cases arrival

    iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, Galaxy note 4, Galaxy Alpha, HTC M8, LG G3, and more!!
  • We offer Flat Rate phone service

    We offer plans starting at $30/mo taxes included that offer unlimited talk and text. For $60/mo get unlimited everything!
  • Saturday Training Seminar

    Wether your a newbie to electronics or a veteran since the first, there still may be something you want to know, don’t know you wanted to know, or that has frustrated you as they have evolved.  So we are offering training seminars on Selected Saturdays to help you out.  Bring in a list of what […]
  • We buy smartphones!

    Everyone knows we sell phones. But due to recent upgrades requiring your old phone as a trade, we’ve been running out of stock. We are looking for your unused, smartphones! We pay more than gazelle or the mall machine 99% of the time. All you need is a 2012 or newer Apple, LG, HTC, or […]
  • Advertise here!!

    We have two borders that support 18×24 signage that we rent out for cheap. Term determines the price but you’ll also be featured on our locals page on our website. All our waiting customers and outside passerby going to schmaltz will have view. Stop in to promote your business.